Epson ET1810 Asub Ink and Pink Sided Paper Sublimation Printer Package

package contains:

Epson ET1810 Printer Sublimation with Asub Sublimation Ink and Pink Sided Paper

The Epson ET1810 is a printer which is ideal for sublimation transfer printing. The ecotanks can be filled with the supplied sublimation ink for heat transfer printing. 
The printer is a new printer and comes in the original box with drivers and power cable. You need a heat press to transfer sublimation prints on your blanks.

What is sublimation (printer)?

A sublimation printer does not work like a normal printer. The sublimation is the result of a chemical process at which a substance of solid state directly to the gaseous phase, and therefore leaves the liquid phase. For printing products melt your imprint there, as it were. During this process, there are some things crucial. There is special ink, paper and a color profile to be able to guarantee the finest imprints.