ICC Profiles

An ICC profile is file used to help improve the colour tone and accuracy of sublimation prints.
Basically to help produce images that are a good representation of the image or design displayed the computer screen.

For sublimation printing an ICC profile is an important part of the printing process.
It is considered standard practice to use an ICC Profile with a dye sublimation printer.
The reason for this is because most printers that are used for dye sublimation printing were not originally intended for that purpose. Therefore the sublimation inks they are using are not specifically colour matched to the printer.
An ICC Profile helps to match the ink to the printer to improve the results.

ICC Profile Instructions:

Before you start using your profile, make sure that you first save it, rename it if necessary, install it and back it up in case of computer failure.

 Save the .icc file attachment and follow the installation instructions below.

Install the profile by copying it on to the colour profile directory on your computer.
On Windows, right-click on the profile and choose 'install', or copy the file manually to:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8+ : windows/system32/spool/drivers/color folder

Izumi ICC profiles:

Epson ET1110/ET2700/ET2710/ET2750/ET4750/ET7750 CMYK Standard ICC 

Epson ET1110/ET2700/ET2710/ET2750/ET4750/ET7750 CMYK Saturated ICC

Epson ET1110/ET2700/ET2710/ET2750/ET4750/ET7750 CMYK Colorful ICC

Epson ET8500/ET8550 CMYKKG Printers ICC Colour Profile Colorful

Epson ET8500/ET8550 CMYKKG Printers ICC Colour Profile Standard

Epson ET8500/ET8550 CMYKKG Printers ICC Colour Profile Saturation

Inktec Sublinova CMYK ICC