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Izumi Sublimation Marker Pen

Sublimation Pens - Great for Kids Projects

Can be used to create transfers onto any polyester tshirt, pillow slip etc.
3 Easy Steps:

1.  Print on paper with normal inkjet ink. select draft print quality. 
2.  Trace and coloring.
3.  Heat press on 185~190°c 180sec

You may draw directly on the sublimation paper without printing. Ink from normal inkjet printer does not transfer, only sublimation marker pen will transfer 
Please do not forget to Mirror drawing

After transfer printing design is waterproof
light resistant, scratch resistant

1. Cyan 2. Magenta 3. Yellow 4. Black 5. Neon Cyan 6. Neon Red 7. Neon Yellow 8. Orange 9. Green 10. Blue 11. Brown 12. Violet 13. Gray