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A4 Custom DTF Printed Transfer

Our A4 DTF Transfer sheets can be used on many fabric types. No minimums, No Weeding, No colour limits.

Please allow equal space around your designs, this will help you cut them out and apply. 

Step 1: Open our online designer, Pick your quantity,you can also gang up multiple designs onto one artboard

Step 2: Pick substrate colour/fabric you will be printing onto

Step : Upload a high-resolution 300dpi PNG with transparent background to our online designer.

If you upload Jpegs your prints will include a white box. We can edit artwork ready for print at cost. You do not need to mirror your artwork, we will do this before printing. Whatsapp the team if you need help with the artwork.


Pressing Instructions:

Heat Press is REQUIRED
Preheat garment to remove excess moisture
Align transfer and cover with parchment or butcher paper
Temperature: 160 degrees
Time: 10-15 seconds
Pressure: Heavy
Allow Transfer to COOL COMPLETELY before removing clear film
Lay Parchment Paper over design and repress for an additional 5 seconds to cure into shirt
Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching